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How might you defuse a tantrum?

Let’s say you are waiting in a long line at the post office with your restless 2-year-old, Emily. She announces, “I want a glass of water.” You calmly respond, “Honey, I can’t get you water right now.” Emily starts to whine. “I want some water!” Her voice cracks. You anticipate what’s coming, and your blood pressure begins to rise. The exchange escalates, in danger of erupting into a very public fight.

What do you say next?

“You’re thirsty, aren’t you? Getting a big gulp of cold water would feel so good. I wish I had some water so I could let you drink as much as you wanted.”

Shrug your shoulders and smile limply at onlookers as your child’s emotions reach critical mass.

“Will you please be quiet? Do not embarrass me in public.”

“I said, wait until we get home! There’s no water here. Now be quiet.”